About Us

The Country Hotel for Pets

We under­stand that there is no place like home, so we go to great lengths to make sure our country hotel comes a very close second.

Dargle Dale Kennels is a pet's para­dise.

Our guests are given extra special atten­tion to quiet any feelings of home­sickness while they are settling into their new environ­ment. They are never alone and will find lots of com­panion­ship in the other pets — not to men­tion that of the staff.

About Dargle Dale Kennels

For over 50 years, our family has made caring for pets their busi­ness. Irene Higgs established the kennels in 1969 and, together with her family, built an efficient, clean and caring home-from-home for pets. The family, who run the kennels, all have a deep love and respect for animals (as do the staff).