Halbard Digital Softwr SP


Fairness, Honesty and Quality: Honest work of quality for fair pay

  1. Fairness: I charge what I think my work is worth, not some over-inflated price in order to meet sales and marketing's spin/hype.
  2. Honesty: I'm upfront about for what I'm charging. (There'll be no vague/opaque descriptions for line items on your bill.)
  3. Quality: I produce and sell work of/with which I'm proud to have my name associated. I put effort into making it the best that I can. There's no mass-produced or slap-dash junk to meet deadlines and make a quick buck. Quality comes at a price and takes time, but that shouldn't leave you out of pocket or high and dry. It is better to have a quality product at length than a rubbish one early.

About the Company

Halbard Digital is a sole proprietorship/freelance software and Web development company founded in February 2021. The owner has over ten years' work experience with the following technologies (and a number of related ones):

  • Alpaca.js
  • AJAX & XML
  • Bootstrap 3/4
  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • DataTables.js
  • Drupal 5-8
  • GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
  • Gridstack.js
  • Handlebars/Moustache
  • Java 5-8 (including JSPs and servlets, TCP/IP sockets, serial communications and WebSockets)
  • JavaScript (ECMAScript) & JSON
  • Lodash/Underscore
  • MS Access/uCanAccess & jCIFS
  • MS Excel
  • MySQL
  • PHP 4-7
  • Python 2.x & 3.x
  • REST
  • Require.js
  • SQLite
  • TCP/IP sockets (in Java)
  • WebSockets

Please contact me, with an appropriate subject, for a quote if you are looking for a frontend/backend Web developer or would like someone to do one (or more) of the following tasks, as either a long-term (months to years) or short-term project/job:

  • Data capture
  • Ghost writing (technical/technology)
  • Research
  • Software development (C#/Java/Python)
  • Technical support (software)
  • Technical writing
  • Web development (Bootstrap and/or HTML5 & CSS3/PHP/Drupal or JSPs and/or servlets)
  • Dealing with customer service/tech support on your behalf

I also walk dogs (for 7 USD per day) and house-sit (for 10 USD a night). I will stand in a queue/submit documents at a government department for you (provided you sign an affidavit stating I'm there on your behalf and don't need to authenticate your ID), for 7 USD per hour.

I charge an hourly rate of 8.75 USD for development work. If a job takes me less than an hour, I charge for a full hour. Beyond that, I charge per fifteen minutes. Any job that takes less than two days (16 hours), I won't do as it's not worth my time.